What is Subluxation Degeneration?

Ever wonder what a chiropractor means when they talk about subluxation degeneration? ┬áHere’s a time-lapse video along with the following description courtesy of Andres Jiminez: “Researchers have identified three stages of spinal decay. A normal and healthy spine will show normal curves with equal disc spacing and no visible signs of degeneration. In phase one of spinal decay, misalignment and malfunction with soft tissue damage and nerve irritation. In phase two, disc narrowing, calcium deposition, bone spurs, and nerve irritation. In phase three, joint immobilization, bone fusion, nerve atrophy, and scar tissue. Slowing or stopping may be expected with appropriate chiropractic care.”

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  1. It’s important to do a little bit of research and ask the right questions so that you understand what your chiropractor is talking about. This little video was really cool and helped me understand the description.I found a guide on chiropractic care at which helped me understand more as well. I don’t like going to any doctor without understanding what’s wrong with me!