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Sports Therapy

Try our proprietary 5-step approach to fast recovery from sports injuries.

For The Family

A family who plays well together, stays well together...


"I have gotten chiropractic adjustments in the past, but not that have been as effective as this..."

− Grady F.

"Through Dr. Al's unique approach to chiropractic adjustments and some simple exercises he gave me, I now can walk and stand when I arise in the morning; and I can go shopping, I can even get down on the floor and get up..."

− Betty B.

"After the first visit, I was amazed. I could turn my neck all the way to the left without feeling it!!!!"

− Nedra F.

"After walking in to his office and doing a consultation and preparing a strategy and taking my vitals, preparing me the correct way which I admire him for, we had a strategy that we stayed on for several months. He showed me the right exercises to do, I came in three times a week, and he adjusted my back. Now I'm walking around like it never, ever happened..."

− Kirby L.

Chiropractic is no longer an alternative to medical therapy, it is the leader in mainstream wellness care. Infinite Wellness Chiropractic Center is Houston’s premiere VIP chiropractic clinic, tending to the specific needs of each of its patients. Our staff is trained to handle virtually all of your wellness needs. We pride ourselves on accommodating your busy schedule as best we can.